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Nokia is bringing a variant of its flagship Lumia 920 to China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA network and its 700+ million subscribers. And while those numbers inflate the actual, realistic opportunity that Nokia has in China, they nevertheless do hold a real chance for Nokia (and Windows Phone, and Microsoft) to gain some ground where Apple in particular has struggled.

Android is popular in China, but Apple is not, despite its incredible brand recognition and reputation. The iPhone has not yet been tailored to China’s proprietary cellular networks, specifically the ones owned by China Mobile. Because of this, there is an opportunity for a high-profile hardware maker to partner with Chinese carriers to build a killer device, and the Nokia Lumia 920T is this device. Nokia is also selling lower-priced Windows Phones like the Lumia 800C in China and India. The 800C  is an entry-level Windows Phone that still runs WP7.5 rather than WP8 like the Lumia 920T.

As we mentioned in our previous entry about Nokia (and Android), the Finnish phone maker is in a dire situation in light of Android’s burgeoning growth and the odd Nokia/Microsoft partnership, which ties killer hardware to a moribund ecosystem saddled with the baggage of “Windows.” But in a market like China, in which iOS and Android don’t have the same level of built-in advantage (i.e., users came to them early and don’t want to leave), Nokia and WP7.5–8 could have a shot.

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